Pranklblueprint; develope elaborate prank plans for anyone to perform, and post the examples on app

Looking for: Designer, Developer
I have created an idea for an app(hopefully website) called Prankblueprint. You can approach P.B. from 3 perspectives, the prank developer, the performer, or the amused viewer. On this app, you will stimulate creativity and laughter for all to witness. You can create an elaborate plan for a prank, upload it, and have users view it. After users view it, some should practice this "plan" and post examples linked to the original plan. There will be a ranking system, prank competitions, and plan competitions. Sound like a fun app? I would like to go download this app, but I lack a talented programmer. Please contact me if your interested in helping out with this idea, I hope we can add more laughter to this funny world

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: over time (>40h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea