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Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
My name is Eli Jones, I'm a 41 years young serial entrepreneur & father of 4 from Yellow Springs Ohio. About 4 years ago my frustration with our current political system had hit it's limit so I took to the internet to discover what was really going on. After having my apathy cured, I felt obligated to do my best to spread these newly discovered truths to other people. It didn't take long for me to see that there was a huge number of politically aware users on the internet & I also discovered that the social media platforms that were currently being offered for the politically aware user to spread his/her information lacked the features to truly empower their users, so I decided to build a website. I envisioned a worldwide website that allowed users to create their own political parties & organizations, that ranked users on their on-site activities & had a #1 user on the website, the site needed to allow users to map all of their connections(other users) & give them the ability to form collective groups. I was also concerned with user privacy & data abuse so the income model avoided abusing user privacy & information.
I looked around without success to see if I could find anyone that was interested in investing in the idea, so I decided to bootstrap it myself. I am not a developer and I have never attempted anything in the tech industry so I jumped right on Scriptlance to hire a developer, then to Elance, then to Odesk, I won't go into all of the details but as you can image, I was in for a rough ride. After two years and 5 developers, I have the Beta site up, I am working on completing the site translation into ten languages & I am also working out some of the "kinks" mainly the slow log-in time, the two trademarks that I applied for have been accepted and I am very close to completing this website.
Due to the alignment of the stars & the moon, I have lost yet another developer, lol, I've got to laugh about it or I'd cry, anyway, I'm not the kind of person that quits but I do feel that it is past time that I get some professional advise, which is why I decided to post this on founder2be.com;
 I would like to get some advise on what would be the best next step for me as the visionary CEO with no programer, living in Ohio.
 The name of my website is politistream.com.
Politistream.com is politically neutral website that will look to attract politically active users all over the world, most of which are currently using Twitter, YouTube and sometimes Facebook, a lot of politically orientated users don't like to use Facebook for privacy issues, Twitter has recently followed suit by starting to "screen" their site activity among other things, Youtube often suspends accounts for minor violations and gives few ways to resolve them, anyway this is a large, ever growing and worldwide demographic and I designed Politistream.com to address the lack of useful features that specifically cater to the politically aware user, politistream.com has a lot of features that set it apart from what is currently out there & will positively empower people all over the world. This is not a Facebook or Twitter copy, Politistream is targeting the 3-5% of Political Junkies that use those sites & upping the ante.
 I am Eli Haven on Twitter & Facebook if you would like to check me out or say"whatsup", I always like to see the face of the people that I deal with. Oh & if you have any other questions, just ask.
Well, I really need some professional advise on this or heck, maybe even a young gun developer that is looking to get in on something big in the early stages, thanks
                                                                                            Eli Haven

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