PLM Software for Retail and Medical Marijuana Industry

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
A copy of our job posting for the lead engineer is a good overview

Lead Software Engineer/Technical Co-founder - Cannaflow


Cannaflow Technologies is a software startup in the rapidly growing medical marijuana industry. Cannaflow is currently in the early stages of developing a PLM software aimed to streamline processes from cultivation until final sale while providing the utmost visibility and compliance. Cannaflow’s mission is to provide an innovative platform to cannabis suppliers with end-to-end, simplified supply-chain management applications. ­­These intelligent tools will offer an all-in-one solution to increase yield, reduce costs, and improve both efficiency and ability to meet the growing demands of the industry.

We are currently looking for a bright, talented programmer to lead in designing and engineering the software.  This individual will be responsible for overseeing the engineering of the tech stack with emphasis on database and back-end. Responsibilities will also include choosing the methods of development and division of tasks among team members. An ideal candidate would not only be technically capable but would also possess an entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to think inventively and adaptively. The working environment will be fast paced, challenging, and the individual must be able to work constructively with all team members to ensure dynamic development. While we currently have the following software stack chosen, for the right candidate we would be willing to shift to your preferred stack. With that in mind, the below listed skills are simply a suggestion and experience with comparable languages is acceptable.

Desired Skills:

·        Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or currently working towards one

·        Ability to write well organized code that adheres to industry standards

·        Full stack capabilities with a software stack


·        Application design: C#

·        Server-hosting: IIS

·        Cloud hosting: Azure

·        UI design: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery

·        Language-integrated queries: LINQe

·        Database design/ management: SQL Server

·        JSON APIs

·        Real-time applications through Web Sockets/ Protocols

Location: New York City/Remote

Position Type: Full-Time

Compensation: Equity, stipend, incubator space, and the chance be an integral part in developing a software for one the fastest growing industries in the US. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea