Platform to Achieve Personal Success

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer

What does success mean to me, and how do I achieve that success? Every person searches for fulfillment, whether it is through career, financial, or social means. Despite having an overarching idea, many people do not have a clear definition of what their own version of success is. Even when people do understand what it is they want, it is hard to understand how to achieve this success, and what options are available to them. I am building a new platform that gives users a step by step path to define and achieve their personalized version of success. How do I go from a salesman in Michigan to a Marketing Executive in San Diego? I am an office administrator with a degree in Communications, what opportunities are available to me?

I am looking for an experience full stack developer, or two front and back end developers, to build a web based platform, working closely with experienced Product Owner who will define requirements and help with design. The developer(s) will need to aggregate data from 3rd party APIs and build report type functionality along with personalized dashboards. Developer will be able to make all decisions on what language to code in, what tools to use, and have full ownership of technology stack.

Started by an experienced Product Owner in finance, HR, and education sectors working across large multi-national and startup organizations. I am looking for a developer(s) to have full ownership of technology stack and development. Ideally should have experience in:

·        Full stack front and back end development

·        Data aggregation/API implementation

·        Machine Learning

·        Report building

·        Data visualization

·        Big Data

·        UX Experience a plus

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development