CEO of The Asylum Inc.

Looking for: Marketer
A website to which advertisers can upload campaign briefs and for which freelance advertising creatives and small partnerships of advertising creatives can then upload artwork like scripts and story boards for the advertiser to look at. If you can think of a better way to monetise the service I'm all ears but otherwise we make our money by charging every advertiser that lists for a package of research such as focus groups and case studies with which to fill out their briefs and a range of consulting services. It would be a way for advertisers to obtain a wide selection of input before expressing interest in a piece of work and paying the creative involved oversee the production of the next draft of their presentation. The advertiser would then have the option of paying us to garner audience feedback with the further choice of looping back to the creative for an edit and refresh.

We would be competing against business such as Haystack Online and Creative Brief but as agencies are galvanising against being at the bottom of the gig economy we would focus on the growing crowd of freelancers that they too employ without security or benefits and whose earnings they habitually hog; that's the niche I see us filling. We provide the freelancers with a social network that they can use to form partnerships and the facilities that would otherwise be be provided by an agency. They take a commission when they win publication and contribute to the final production and placement of their commercial as a guest of the advertisers chosen agency.

I have come into a little money and can risk $100,000 AUD (~$70,000 USD) to found a Delaware C Corporation. If my co-founder puts up another $30,000 USD it should be enough pay them subsistence wages for three to six months and have the website built but it will take a lot more to begin operations. I am looking for a someone who knows the ins and outs of the advertising industry who can take the lead as CEO and start working toward raising enough money to set up shop. I am researching as we speak but my initial hope is that you will be able to raise another $1,000,000 USD through the crowd capital markets before our initial investment is exhausted. I'm sorry to say I will be unable to join you due to recently being convicted of several counts of sending hate mail to my lying, cheating, money grabbing, kidnapping, blasphemy of an ex-wife; the law is a misandrist sow. I however will be available to work full time and without pay from Australia and would want you to base yourself in a microcosm city like Nashville Tennessee or Cincinnati Ohio without me and pay for me to set up a London office once you had started turning a profit; I am a British national.

Optional reading, my financial blog, the bottom line is...


The Chinese have coined a new term based on the "Black Swan" called the "Grey Rhino"; a large and obvious financial danger that no one pays attention to. Meanwhile the US Treasury Department has projected that the US debt market will collapse in 2024 and if that isn't an obviously large and obviously Grey Rhino I don't know what is. Trump's reaction was something to the effect of: "I don't care, I won't be in office." So much for making America great again. If something else doesn't trigger a second GFC beforehand we can expect a global currency and debt crisis in the mid 20's and it is quite possible that it will be followed by an inflationary recession throughout the West that could last for as long as a decade; a depression. Just to be on the safe side you don't want to be holding debt as either a creditor or a debtor when it comes. The long term trend in US Treasury yields turned upward in 2016, they had been going down for 35 years and unless the US Dollar is radically reformed they are going to be going up for the next 30 or so. There will be a New World Order and if it even remotely resembles what exists today and issuer of US currency doesn't respect the upward trend in bond yields there will be massive inflation in the US causing the purchasing power of savings held the US Dollar to shrink drastically and rising inflation, rising interest rates and mass defaults appear to be the alternative. The party isn't over yet but unless the Masters of the Universe throw something out of left field, when the music stops, the debt you own, including bank deposits, will either disappear in a bankruptcy or bail in or alternatively start losing value quickly, and if the powers that be take responsible action befitting the current framework the debt you owe will become more and more expensive.

We don't expand too fast and we don't take on any debt beyond that necessary for cash flow until the debt and currency markets have reached a new equilibrium.

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