PFM - Adult Entertainment

Looking for: Biz developer, Other
To be clear, this is an Adult Entertainment (AE) website. 

I have created a multi-purposing umbrella website PFM ( ).
Each of the below parts are separate subdomains, except for #1 which is the primary domain.

1) Watch videos and gain credits for time watched. Use credits to unlock 'premium' content videos. Works like youtube.
2) Advertising platform for AE. One of the most advanced to be created today, and extremely simple to set up. Includes picture ads, video ads, and pre-video ads.
3) Personal Agency platform, for helping talent and companies connect with eachother.

I have already developed almost all aspects of the website. I am simply searching for a partner to help with the opening of the business accounts (Registration, Banks, etc) and initial investment as I've already put in well over $30,000 worth of my time into this.

Along with the website, I also have a list of potential client emails within the industry that I've cultivated over the past couple months consisting of over 3000 entries.

Additional Info