Personal Profiling - Monetization built-in from day one

Looking for: Developer
Recruitment sucks. Everyone knows it's a broken industry, and it's being reshaped by services like LinkedIn.

I don't want to go against the tide, but I do want to take a service that's widely used at   senior level and bring it to a mass market: personal profiling.

This is all about characterising you on the basis of your psychology and personality: things that aren't of themselves good or bad, but which are stable over time.

Some roles call for particular attributes, and that's one simple use case. Another that's rather more exciting is running 'what if' analysis on the team: the value grows if you profile not just the person looking to get hired, but the team that's hiring. Unbalanced teams (where there's too uniform a culture, or where there are gaps in important attributes) perform less well!

Why is this monetizable? For a start, because either the candidate or the recruiter can pay - with simple tests for free, richer analyses for reasonable fixed prices and specialist tests at a high premium. 

I have a strong relationship with world-recognised academic experts in this field, who would like to see a commercial return to fund further research. I also have an advanced system that protects online question and answer systems from either cheating candidates or from screen-scraping competitors.

You're a developer, and like me you love the lean approach. You'll pull together the first web offering, and I'll get it out there. We'll learn as we go and extend the offering. We'll target revenues in the first instance, and look for an exit (there are some obvious routes!)

Interested? Get in touch, and we'll see if our profiles match!

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea