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What I have developed is a Cloud-based software product that should be capable of data mining the clinical side of today's dental practice management systems. The programming has an algorithm for the evaluation of hard tissue health. There's also one that identifies the location and severity of periodontal disease (tooth by tooth, sextant, quadrant, half or whole mouth). Additionally, the scores that are derived from these analyses are combined in a matrix to give an overall dental health score (decay v perio). From this overall dental health score, patient, dentist, and interested third parties will know how this patient's health deteriorates, improves, or is maintained over time. This is solely based on that which can be measured or counted... evidence-based dentistry made easy. 
The software also has a intake information section that allows for the capture of medical conditions, medications, and dental complaints. This information is then correlated to the patient's dental conditions. To be clear, this feature, in a big data context, could allow for definitive research that could confirm, or disprove, the suspected relationship between periodontal disease, diabetes, heart disease, etc.
A great advantage is that the software does not require extra work for the benefits it provides. In fact, the interface for periodontal data entry is amazingly ergonomic- taking the typical 10 to 15 minutes of torturous charting needed for a Type II moderate case down to no more than five minutes of stress-less and error-free data entry. Every examination gets a full charting, plus this charting identifies the location and severity of periodontitis as mentioned above. Clinical support that requires less thought- other than a binary decision as to whether the the clinician agrees that the data matches the disease's clinical presentation. If it doesn't (not likely), there's a cure for that too. 

The software has complete, personalized, automated reporting that reviews medical conditions and how they relate to that patient's dental health- this includes medications and dental complaints. There is a feature where the clinician is able to review radiographs and these findings are automatically included into the report. Plus, as part of my thesis on the role of digital sensors and the Internet of Things; I have included several examples of how data from digital devices have their data gathered, analysed, and included in the report by machine learning. These reports can be written to any target community (lay public v professional) and the modern language of choice.
This is Blue Button enabled today. Patients subscribe to the site and can get access to their clinical records (including x-rays) on their mobile devices anywhere in the world, 24/7. Patient engagement, easy to understand objective health measures, meaningful use... need more? 

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