Peace Corps meets - find the best place to donate your expertise as you travel the world.

Looking for: Developer
My name is Mark Horoszowski and I'm working full-time with Derk Norde to launch MovingWorlds. We have a seed round 1/2 committed and are now looking for a technical co-founder to join the founding team. We are a social impact startup operating out of Seattle, WA, and Santiago, Chile - you can work wherever you want, although we prefer you to be local.

We have an MVP ready, are already generating revenue, and it's now time to open up the doors.

Currently, it costs a lot of money if you want to travel and volunteer. And most volunteer opportunities overseas are manual work, like building homes.   Meanwhile, social impact organizations need real professional expertise in order to grow and make an impact.

MovingWorlds is launching a Global Experteering Network where people pay for access to a community where they can find the best place to donate their expertise. We verify the legitamacy of verified organizations and encourage them to provide free accommodations in exchange for the right expertise - meaning that instead of paying to volunteer, people can now travel for free if they help make the world a better place :).

You can see an MVP at 
We're looking for a technical co-founder to join the team, prepare the platform to scale, and improve functionality to support a global Experteering movement. 

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