Partner in US, UK, Canada, Kuwait, UAE and Australia

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
Hello There,

I have an stunning idea where both my partner and me can make big amount.  I am planning to expand my business in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia hence looking for partner from there. My business provides IT services -  web development, mobile app development, software development and consulting services. My partner job would be to get clients from there and me and my team in India will provide the IT solutions.

Question is how both of us will get benefited. Let me explain. 

We both will work on 50:50 partnership. Let say you get a client whose budget is $2K, I will complete the development with quality work. Here we both will earn $1K each. $1K is good enough for me because $1 = INR 70 (Indian rupees). You will get earning till client is with us. Average client stays with me is 6 months atleast. In 6 months they change their requirements, add new features, ask for design changes hence they also increase their initial budget (2K expands to 10K). So average earning from one client is $10K in 6 months. Which means you earn $5K from each client in 6 months. Let say you get 2 clients every month then you can make $60-80K at the end of year. Getting 2 clients in a month is not a big deal in your region.

Now it comes to how you can get clients easily even only working in the weekends. Following are some tips
-You can approach to local shops to design their website, web shop. You can explain them how they can increase their revenue by 5 times by taking their business online.
-You can contact schools, colleges in your region and ask them to have software solutions so that their manual will be automated and they can save lots of money by using the software rather than having employees for the manual work.

I will tell you plenty of such tips once you join me and interested in doing business with me.

Looking forward to work with you :)


Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: launched and profitable