Paper reduction & workflow management for the backflow industry

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person
We have paying customers, a growing amount of customers in our trial pipeline and the next few product features planned out. We're looking for someone that is strong in the areas we're not to be part of a team to capitalize on this large market opportunity.

Some background of what we're doing - please get in touch with me if you'd like to chat more about it.

The backflow industry was created in 1972 by the federal clean water act. And very little has changed since then. The industry relies almost exclusively on paper. Plumbers & related people collecting results in the field, keeping records at their office, submitting that information to water jurisdictions and those jurisdictions reporting to their respective compliance bodies. It's all paper! It's time consuming, inefficient & error prone.

We're changing that. 

We've built a modern SaaS that takes away the paper & replaces it with smartphones & computers. It's saving big time & money for our customers. 

The events of Flint Michigan have stirred regulators to take action. Water safety tech need is exploding. Early adopters in the industry are loving our product. This long-stagnant industry is finally looking for real change and we want to dominate the space before others realize the opportunity.

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