P2P skills social marketplace to selling skills and finding people recommended by friends.

Looking for: Developer, Product manager


We make it easy for everyone to market their skills, build their brands and businesses, and to hire people endorsed by friends.

On the go, on demand, free and with no middleman.

Need something done? Looking for the right person?

ZippyCrowd makes it easy to find people backed by friends:


  • find people your friends recommend

  • contact and hire direct

  • job well done? add to your top pros and share best people with your crowd with friends


Got skills? Want to build your business or make some extra cash?

ZippyCrowd makes it easy for you to showcase your skills, get friends’ recommendations and generate business:


  • create skill cards with the skills you have

  • post skills on ZippyCrowd and share to social

  • generate business direct

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