Outer Sanctum Roleplay

Looking for: Developer
Outer Sanctum is a new Roleplay Chat offering users a new experience when it comes to user satisfaction. Our aim is to operate the chat a lot like a beehive where everyone in the community matters. Their input and their desire to improve their community will certainly be something that, we, the site managers will focus on. 

The site will also cater to the creative community that will hopefully flourish and grow within the roleplay society. We will dedicate a sort of space; an e-commerce sort of set up where they can post their art, their codes and other services they'd like to offer. 

The site will have a fully working chat with features like:

- Multi-User accounts.
- Suggestion box.
- Bug report box.
- Ability to auction names.
- User created/managed groups.
- Event management.
- Dice roll for DnD esque games.
- Donator/Subscriber features.
& more..

Along with a fully working forum for those are into building large worlds and creating long lasting stories and plots.

Additional Info