OTA Expert & Tuyio

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OTA Expert is a hospitality business intelligence company, which produces the leading hotel revenue-management technology for analyzing competitors, optimizing prices and maximizing revenue-share of a hotel within the highly-competitive online travel agency (OTA) market with inelastic demand from cost-sensitive customers. OTA Expert provides smart-price suggestion software-as-a-service using state-of-art machine-learning algorithms relying solely on the analysis of the OTA market and the collective intelligence of competitors, without data from their PMS. 

OTA Expert embeds advanced technology on a simple-to-use interface designed for hoteliers and does not require any training nor setup. Smart-prices simplifies the daily price-positioning task of revenue-managers of hotels by showing minimum knowledge that would lead to an intelligent decision and helps them to implement an optimal dynamic pricing strategy for perishable hotel rooms, in order to maximize their revenue in OTA market. 

Tuyio is an innovative hotel-deal meta-search engine that lets you to "easily" find "advantageous" hotel offers, which suits your budget and location preferences, and make savings on your existing refundable reservations. Tuyio only considers the benefit of his beloved travelers; whereas, other online travel agencies selfishly suggest properties regarding to their own expected income. Tuyio actually learnt what is "advantageous" from travelers via state-of-art machine-learning and is happy to provide an hassle-free hotel booking experience in return.

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