Organized Crime Browser Text-Based MMORPG

Looking for: Developer

Game concept: You begin as a skill-less criminal, you can barely steal candy from a baby much less pull off a crime worthy enough to brag about. Practice makes perfect though, right? Every few minutes you're eligible to attempt another crime. You keep at it, failing more than succeeding at first, but even your failures earn you some much needed experience. With this experience your criminal reputation grows as you rise through the ranks. You find yourself beginning to succeed more often, your bank account steadily grows up. Life on the streets isn't easy though, the more successful you are the more you become an appealing target to the stronger criminals out there, especially if you're alone. Nobody makes it long on their own, you need to find some allies in this brutal world. Luckily for you there are plenty of syndicates out there looking for new blood to enter their ranks. Syndicates are filled with players just like you, willing to help each other succeed. Someone messes with one of you, they mess with all of you...strength in numbers. Every city can be taken over by a single syndicate or shared peacefully among many, although the peace is prone to break without warning. Be careful who you trust, there are no guarantees in the criminal underworld, honor among thieves is usually only a short lived fantasy here. Your actions have consequences, whether you live through them is yet to be determined.

In addition: Team up with other players to pull off more risky (yet more rewarding) crimes. Bust players out of jail, take a bat to a loud mouths kneecaps, mug, race, play poker and other casino games, get an education to build up special skill sets. Purchase properties, weapons and other equipment to help you survive. Complete NPC missions as well as interact with real players from around the world. Communicate with players through in-game forum, in-game messages or connect to our IRC server for real-time communication. The game is free to play however special perks are provided to those who donate. One-off purchases or subscriptions will be available.

Concepts here are completely open to be tweaked to incorporate your own ideas and there is still a lot yet to be decided on. I'm looking for someone proficient in PHP/MySQL who enjoys gaming and would have fun coming up with features & creating this game with me. If you're unfamiliar with these types of games, a quick google search will bring you a lot of results. There are a lot of games similar, however most are mediocre at best. The player base out there for this genre is huge, and with a nicely designed & scripted game I have no doubts it'll be a success.

I am teaching myself PHP, I already know HTML/CSS. As a beginner at PHP though, I would feel more comfortable working with someone who is skilled at PHP and is capable of handling some of the more challenging scripts this game will require. While I have no doubts I could fumble through it eventually the end result will be a lot nicer & get done a lot quicker with an experienced programmer sharing the helm.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea