Organic gluten free baking mixes the French way

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No more bad looking, dry and crumbly gluten free bakes made of low quality ingredients! Chocolate & Quinoa wholesome baking mixes are the perfect solution for health conscious home bakers to easily prepare bread and pastries that make their taste buds happy and contribute to their well being too. The mixes contain wholesome organic ingredients such as quinoa flour, chia seeds and chickpea flour, promoting the wonderful diversity of gluten free grains. They are refined sugar free, dairy free and can be prepared vegan too. Most importantly, bread and pastries look delicious, taste great, and can be enjoyed by everyone around the table, no matter the diet - that's the French way! The two first baking mixes are on sale in a couple of stores in Finland, and the next step is to start industrial production, expand distribution, launch an online store and open international markets.

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