Online Survey Platform to Measure and Monitor Mental Wellbeing

Looking for: Developer
There is growing corporate awareness around the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace, however, it is not currently possible to accurately measure it across an entire business.  I am a mental wellbeing specialist and as such help individuals to maximise their mental wellbeing. When working one to one, I measure and monitor an individuals mental wellbeing score using scientifically proven scales. I now plan to create an online survey platform so that national and international organisations can, for the first time, accurately measure and monitor the mental wellbeing of an entire workforce. 

Imagine for example if a national restaurant chain were to use this new service. For the first time ever they could find the average mental wellbeing score across their organisation; they could compare the averages for each branch nationally easily spotting problem branches. They could compare scores for roles or departments and even individuals, easily spotting where support and resources are most needed. Then, after implementing solutions, they could monitor the effectiveness of these new procedures. Over time, this will lead to many benefits including; a happier work environment, healthier staff, less sick leave, lower staff turnover and more resilient productive staff.

The platform will also offer a unique solution to the tens of thousands of private therapists out there who currently have no online measurement tools to use with their clients. It will help them to gain clients by showing them how much work needs doing and also to prove to clients how much progress they are making. There will also be content to help users maximise mental wellbeing. I am seeking a co-founder with the skills to create, develop and maintain the platform. They will be offered a percentage of the business equity based upon skills, ability and loyalty to the project. They will receive a percentage of the profits generated from day one and their agreed percentage of the proceeds when the business is sold in year 4.

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