Online platform for teachers in the Netherlands - Become a pioneer in the education sector

Looking for: Designer, Developer

My dream is to make the Dutch education sector leading again due to highly motivated, well informed, inspiring teachers. The idea is to start an online platform in the education sector, where teachers can follow officially accredited online training programs. The platform will offer e-Books, (live) webinars, online courses, online workshops and instruction video’s for a set price per product. Currently, every full time teacher in the Netherlands receives minimally €500 per year for personal development, from which only a small amount is spent. Most trainings are done live and are more expensive than the budget of the teacher. There are not many affordable (online) training possibilities.

Possible topics could be Office 365, Smartboards & Social Media for Children. Creating an account will be free of charge, the business model consists of receiving a percentage per transaction and by Ads/sponsors. I believe it’s a great example of the Passive Income methodology, in which the process could be fully automated.

The objective is to start with a test in the region Nijmegen in the province Gelderland in the Netherlands. If it proves to be successful, it will be easy scalable. It's a hot topic in the Netherlands due to the initiative Registerleraar (, a new law that will be valid from the 1th of August 2017. Teachers will be obligated to register themselves and to keep track of their activities in the field of personal development.

I already gathered multiple experienced people within my network that work in the education sector and are willing to advice. To really get the idea of the ground, I am looking for agile, experiences platform-developers that would be interested in co-founding the company.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea