Online platform connecting refugees to international volunteers who can mentor, train and tutor them

Looking for: Developer

Refugees are facing enormous barriers preventing them from reaching their potential. We use the power of the internet to connect refugees to some of the opportunities that they may be looking for. Online opportunities that we aim at providing range from mentoring to private tutoring and group training. We rely on a network of volunteers, acting on behalf of an organization or on their own behalf, who will be sharing knowledge and time with refugees in order to help them complete their education, update their skill set and get advice about how to progress towards a better future. 


Below are our main areas of focus:
1. Training children's educators in refugee camps on techniques of non-formal education that prove efficient in reducing children's trauma and unleashing their creativity
2. Leveraging one to one tutoring for refugees with an intermediate mastery of a foreign language in order to help them master the language more rapidly
  Connecting refugees to universities and education initiatives proposing online or onsite accredited learning programs particularly for refugees and providing them with the support they need for enrolling in these programs (application process, preparatory training)
4. Establishing a mentoring program, centered around technology and entrepreneurship, matching young refugees with adequate mentors that can help them develop or enhance their coding and entrepreneurial skills in order for them to join the workforce or create their own business 

I have already been in contact with refugees in camps in Lebanon and refugees in Europe and the idea seem very appealing and original to them. I have also been in contact with many people who are ready to volunteer through the platform when it is ready. The content and the design of the website are ready and I am currently looking for an experienced web developer to help me develop a first acceptable version of it during the upcoming 1 month/2 months so we can start to apply for funding. The work schedule will be one working day per week (7 to 8 hours) preferably during the weekend. The web developer can surely become the co-founder and add his own input to the idea.

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