Extravaganza - The online marketplace for live entertainment

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person

Extravaganza is an online marketplace for the live entertainment industry. AirBnB for live entertainment. It works exactly as you suspect: Entertainers sign up and create a profile showcasing their services. Buyers (typically event planners) browse the available services and send booking enquiries. Together they communicate, sign contracts and transact all within the marketplace ecosystem. A retrospective rating system offers quality control and this, coupled with professional-grade features, incentivises both buyers and suppliers not to circumvent the marketplace (to avoid associated costs).

The current working revenue model is a commission on all successful bookings

Applying the increasingly prevalent services marketplace model to the live entertainment industry is perfectly timed for numerous reasons:
1. Live entertainment is on the rise with millennials being more experience-oriented
2. The marketplace model is tried and tested
3. Customers have hit an all time low in valuing the premium (15-20%) they're charged to use a traditional agency. They want quick, cheap quotes direct from the source with no physical middle-men
4. Increasingly complicated (and ever changing) online marketing strategies has left entertainers with talents and services unable to fend for themselves outside of agencies and, as a result, also receptive to a marketplace solution

As of the time of writing Extravaganza has acquired over 500 suppliers in the two weeks the website has been live. My intentions are to partake in a reputable startup accelerator program e.g. Seedcamp, Techstars etc.

Please reach out: elliott@extravaganza.io

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