Online Marketing

Looking for: Developer, Engineer

Online marketing can be very complex and for many businesses, individuals and seasoned specialists. It can be a minefield.  Further the goal posts keep moving as Google evolves and the internet continues to develop at a fast pace.

It does not matter if your experienced or just starting out, if there was a way to understand what you should be spending your time on and knowing how to implement, many of the barriers can be removed.  What will help conversions, what will improve traffic and how should you implement your marketing strategy.

This start-up is focused at the B2B segment and will hold the hand of the CEO, eCommerce manger, small business operator and industry expert as they navigate their way through SEO, SEM, re-marketing, conversion optimisation and help solve their problems.  It will analyse and identify the issues, provide a plan for fixing those issues and then help implement the solution.

I am looking for a programmer who can help get from idea to the first stage of our lean start-up plan so we can then show to angel investors and small VC funds in order to get the first round of capital. 

If your an excellent programmer and enjoy programming and hopefully live in Sydney let's make contact and chat.  Strong experience with APIs is also useful.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea