Online Guided Tours for SaaS

Looking for: Developer, Marketer, Sales person
(We are in stealth mode, so I will keep this high level.  We are a SaaS for other SaaS companies.) 
Smart Tours, Guides and Onboarding to actively improve customer experience, conversions and retention for SaaS.  By increasing trial conversions and user retention, we provide measurable value/ revenue for customers.
Customer Experience Management is growing to be a $13 Billion market.  Most offerings are based on providing insights, such as analytics or usability panels.  Our product is unique in that it provides our customers with the ability to effect user behavior.  Need someone to click a specific CTA or button?  Use a smart & targeted guided tour to nudge them.  Want to increase trial conversions?  Use a robust guided tour to show off your product?  Want to teach a user about an advanced feature after they have started using your product?  Target and deliver tours at just the right moment.

I have built and sold three previous companies, including an analytics and A/B testing platform to IBM.  I am a domain expert in this space.  
I am looking for 1-2 rockstar developers.  (I come from an engineering background, but am managing product and customers for this venture.)
At the right time, I would also be open to a really talented marketer/ growth hacker to get the word out.  But we still have a bit more product to build in the near term.
Sound interesting? ping me, let's chat. 

P.S. Our current stack if Python/ Django/ Postgres/ JS/ vue/ some angular...

Additional Info