| Online community and travel advisor for people with disabilities.

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Other is an online community and travel advisor for people with disabilities and their companions. offers a community platform where travelers with disabilities can exchange their travel experience, ask questions regarding their trips, meet new people and recommend wheelchair friendly places worldwide. 

The majority of places that claim accessibility are not fully accessible as those claims are based on individual estimation of property owners, so the best way to assure that a place is really accessible is through a recommendation of someone who is familiar with disability needs and has already been there.

People with disabilities represent the largest minority subgroup of 700 million people, who travel with at least one family member, a friend or companion. Statistically, people with disabilities travel almost as frequently as able-bodied travelers and would travel even more if they could find information about accessible destinations easier.

TravAbled is helping the 10% of the world’s population and their companions to plan their trips so they can travel with more confidence.

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