One Thousand startups to Change the World

Looking for: Developer
The Good Org. is an online B2B platform for social and environmental conscious companies in the UK. That sounds incredibly boring. The idea is simply awesome. PM me to know more.

You'll be working alongside 4 of the best versed business developers across four different industries, with 3 successful companies launched in the last 4 years. An MVP is currently under development, and we have already made great progress:

- UK Government backing 50% of our MVP investment
- Partnership with UK's largest Social Venture network
- Agreement with >800 UK startups valued between £250-2m
- Development agreement with Local (stage 1) and near-shore (stage 2) teams of developers.
- An incredible office near Chelsea Bridge 

We are still missing an essential part, YOU... well, you, if you are some or all of the following:

- A Full-stack or back-end developer.
- preferably with database or online platform experience
- you actually care about our social responsibilities

What is expected of you:

- Help us continue to develop the Minimum Viable Product/platform over the next 2 months.
- Be instrumental in adding flexibility to this tool, and versatility in the long run.
- Be available to work with us either part-time or full-time for the next 6 months.

How you get paid:

This is a non-profit, and it's the best way to ensure we become the Market Leader. However, you will own 50% of the software + database. A database of already 800 companies in a niche space, perfectly aligned with the strengths our team brings to the table. Once the MVP is complete and we have 100+ user entries, this will be valued between £4-10k. At 800+ entries, plus a number of partnerships, this will be valued considerably higher. Up until this point, we (+ gov't) will be the sole investors.

Our aim is that you will be on a salary of £40k by this time next year, and £70k the following year. This is based on our experience with our other companies, and conservative projections.

Additional Info