One-stop shop for all things entrepreneur.

Looking for: Developer, Marketer
User generated content marketplace for all things entrepreneurial.  Categories being business services (the usual suspects - logo design, 5 page websites, SEO etc.), themes, templates, apps and turnkey websites / web businesses - all in one place.  So Fiverr meets Themeforest meets Flippa meets Etsy etc.  High quality daily updated blog/resource section essential to add value, build a sense of community and point of difference.  

Monetization through % on each sale and advertising (no Adsense - advertising for users only).

Seeking: Sweat equity co-founders.
CMO: Online marketing maven.  SEO, SMM, SEM, affiliate marketing, compelling web content creator.  Innate understanding of the psychology behind what makes people engage and commit to a brand.  Ideally, you come with an existing network of social media followers whom hang on your every word. ;)  A passion for all things entrepreneurial will be a distinct advantage.  

CTO: Wordpress wizard (all programming languages; you know the right recipe plugin/settings-wise for a server efficient, secure, perfectly functioning website with all the bells and whistles users love to engage with); design skills (a clean minimalist aesthetic with beautiful fonts), server administration expertise (nothing crazy being the beginning but you'll need to keep us on track - and online - as we grow).

Additional Info

  • Website:
  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development