One City Seeks CTO/Co-Founder

Looking for: Developer
I'm a Founder & Entrepreneur. I have a passion for starting my own businesses, being a board member/non-executive director of and investing in highly disruptive businesses that meet the following 4 criteria:

1. The industry must be in the middle ages in terms of development.
2. The business is capable of creating uncontested market space.
3. The business can render competition irrelevant by implementing outstanding customer experience.
4. The business has global and universal appeal.

I'm now working on my next start-up called One City, which has been the result of 2 years of research into the future of work and the evolving workplace. I've successfully closed the first round through crowdfunding - 174% on target and we hit our target on the 12th day of the campaign. 

The product development has already started, and the train is now rolling.

I'm looking for a technical visionary to join me to take the company to IPO. Must be prepared to stand on stage and evangelise in front of large audiences, create a spellbindingly simple yet groundbreaking user experience, bring into the company a very lean and agile approach to product development with a focus on regular updates and releases from the very outset and above all, help to bring in investment and revenues. This is initially a UK-based role, but we would seek to re-locate part of the business to Santa Clara quite soon. 

Take a look at the video on our website at and if you believe you have the skills, experience, stamina and vision - please get in contact with me.

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