Omni Directory

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
Online directory of every business AND every product/service WITHIN that business! Users can search for ANYTHING and will find it in ANY business
regardless of whether that business has an online presence. Proprietary technology makes it very simple for the more than 25 million small businesses
inventories of products/services to be captured/synchronized and will be searchable from any computer or smartphone.

For a subscription fee, any small business will have global visibility for ALL products/services, users will discover products/services within businesses they did
not know exist locally when they search for those products/services.

Currently have working prototype, need funding and team to implement and support.

Additional services (coupons/flash sales/supply chain management) can be provided to subscribing merchants as subscription tiers.

Prototype is a vertical that provides a view for one segment of directory - Omni Directory and service ALL industries.

Additional Info