No more repetitive commercials on cable tv

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Do you hate commercials? Do you channel surf in-between commercials? Well I have a great idea to bridge the commercial gap. (Product name to be determined still) will bridge that gap by allowing you to watch something else during commercial breaks. My idea is to use something similar to an android stick/ mini pc to allow the consumer to watch YouTube videos, music slide shows, or to simply play music during commercial breaks. How I plan to have this product work - first the android stick would have to be programmed to accept an HDMI input to pass through. Second the unit will be programmed to be used with a phone app or remote. Third, the consumer will link their Google account to the unit to allow things like YouTube favorites, watch later videos, or simply videos related to their activity on YouTube. Fourth, the unit will have both an auto detection feature and a manual selection ability. When the unit detects a commercial is being played the screen will then turn into a picture in picture display where a YouTube video, photo gallery slideshow, or music will be played until the commercial break is over. Once the break is over the consumer can then resume watching their show. Most consumers watch on average 6-8 channels on a weekly basis. The software would be programmed to detect repetitive commercials through a learn process. The first few times it sees a commercial the first time it will then ask the consumer to determine if it is indeed a commercial so it can auto skip it next time. From the research I have done from channels that I watch there is on average 5-7 different commercials that are repeated during the same time every day that watch that channel. The software would just need to be helped a few times before auto recognising the commercial. To bypass YouTube commercials the unit would also need to be programmed to play the video first and then pausing at the start of the video so when the unit switches from cable to YouTube the video can be played without interruption from advertisements.
What kind of partner(s) am I looking for?
Someone who can tackle the engineering aspect and someone who can program android software. I have experience with crowd funding and marketing. I'm looking to split the equity equally if we become successful through crowd funding and can launch our product. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea