No chemicals, No GMOs Anti Aging Cosmetics ( Drinkable

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For the last 2000 years, what used to be meant for the royalty only, are available through this indiegogo special pre launch at just US$0.84 per day (MSRP at US$1.35 per day). Noticeable results and improvements in 2 weeks from just 0.75mL of daily usage! (No GMOs , no chemicals involved)

After decades of observation, we notice that  there is one thing in common; family members  looked way younger than peers of the same age. We decided to build on our strength as a bird nest farmer to develop a bird nest cosmetic by leveraging on our ingredients advantages. With  modern technology, ancient sustainable farming methods and ancient paozhi method.We insisted on an all chemicals free drinkable cosmetic. Safe for the human body from any aspects.

After a decades of internal family testing and 6 years of extensive research with patents pending. Our team has created the perfect formula; 100% additives free, chemicals free. Bird Nest cosmetic. Qiaohou Miracle Essence 250ml is born

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