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Today more than ever people are confused about the relationship between diet and health. Just an example:
We know that our health care ystems are facing increasing costs because of all the degenerative disease we have today (cardiovascular, diabetes, dementia etc..) 
We know that diet can prevent often even CURE, many of these conditions, take for example what changed Bill Clinton did recently to be free of his heart problems.

My App "Newtrition" Aims to:
- educate the public in a simple but not superficial way on how food influences our life, with all the reference of the studies cited. It is important for the public also to get their "tools" to understand what is rubbish science and what is credible science, so they won't be joked and confused by the media mixed informations.
- Make the user able to start straight away a WFPB (whole food plant-based diet), with hundreds of recipes, constantly updated to be healthy even when you don't have much time.
- Help the user 360 degrees with their lifestyle, with the possibility to look around for shops, pharmacy restaurant and professionals that share the same values for our environment our health and our economy. I want to connect people and together we can do this new revolution for the whole planet.

- And much more. 

Newtrition has been published last year for windows phone in Italian, as a small trial before landing to Ios and Android. Although the app was only in Italian and for windows phone (5% share) it had more success than expected around 4000 thousand downloads (you have also to consider the niche of nutrition in general).

I am looking for people that wish to bring this project to the next level

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