News in Audio Android App (India News)

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person


I have launched app on the Google Playstore. It is a news app meant for an Indian target audience (website-, app link- ), so I'm looking for a co-founder who understands / is interested in the Indian startup ecosystem. An Indian origin co-founder would be best suited since the target audience for this would be both Indians living in India and abroad. The app has about 10k downloads and active users are 30% (thats a pretty good ratio). I've had initial meetings with 4 VC firms from India but nothing concrete. I am currently looking to create a stellar team and gain a substantial user base, before starting to monetize the app.



Suno Khabar is an app that essentially takes the most popular news stories of the day and presents them to you in a curated list. This of course sounds a lot like one of a plethora of news curating apps from Feedly to Flipboard or the recently made popular NewsInShorts. But, here’s the big differentiator – we have professional voice over artists narrating the articles. This means that you can plug in your headphones and get caught up on the latest news and popular stories without having to read it for yourself. So you can now have daily fresh news articles read to you while you drive, exercise, or go about your day. 

Just like typical music apps, our app gives the user ability to add individual articles to a playlist, so articles of interest can be conveniently played one after the other, with the option to download them all together for offline listening.

News delivery on mobile has recently started gaining a lot of traction in India. NewsInShorts is a good example of a startup that grabbed on to this opportunity and now has $20M funding to back them. They started off as a Facebook page that published manually shortened articles everyday. They have no complex summarization algorithms involved, unlike some of its counterparts in the more "web-mature" market in the West (example- Summly). There are other established companies with deeper pockets, that are also starting to tap into this market, like Way2News (recent venture the company behind the hugely popular Way2SMS).



My strengths are in Product Management and Product Design. I'm good with managing day to day operations, supervising people working on content creation for the app everyday, strategizing and implementing promotional activities etc.



I'm looking for a co-founder  to take up some critical roles.  Currently, as the only founder, it is difficult wearing too many hats and I’m not being effective at all aspects of starting up. Therefore, looking for someone to share duties with as well as the journey towards success.


I'm looking for a co-founder who will take 20 - 50% equity for contributing appropriately towards the work + investment + operation cost. Currently operation costs are fairly low. 

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