News comments sections are awful - our tools give users a voice and help publishers monetise.

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Comments on media platforms are broken: trolls rule the content, publishers don't retain and build communities through them, and little to no value gets created from user engagement. 

Opinary tackles this problem: we build highly visual, intuitive polling tools that are integrated by major media platforms. Our tools help users voice their opinion, and media platforms retain users, build and monetize communities. Across platforms, we collect millions of highly valuable user data points, opinions and views.
Our competitive advantage: 40% engagement rates (>12x higher than comments, twitter etc) and 5x higher conversion rates for calls to action served to highly engaged users on ads, sign-ups, content recommendations etc. 

We are looking to strengthen our developer team with a CTO who is familiar with our tech stack, can lead and excite team members, has experience building and scaling major products, and shares our vision to finally make online news discussions useful for all. 

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