New Type of E-Store

An E-Store where you don't have to Buy,Hold, Process, or Ship any inventory.   (that's right, you do not have to buy inventory)

Target Market:
Bloggers, Brick and Mortor, Youtubers, Reviewers, Consultants -  Anyone with a website who'd like to sell products

   1. Just Pick out what products you'd like to sell on your website
   2. Put a "store" tab on your website linking to your new E-Store.
   3.  We share in the profits.   Every month you'll recieve payment for sales.

Why? : 
Getting people to your site is one of the hardest things in the world to gain online.   To Advertise you either have to spend a lot of money or you can gain that internet fame.   Basically I'm trading your internet fame and customers for profits from the sales.

I have referbished an old method of logsitcs that allows for very little risk.


What products do I have to choose from?
   - Pretty much any name brand you can think of you can put in your E-Store

What is the cost to start up an E-Store?
 -If you'd like your own custom domain it'll cost  $24  plus we charge $1.00  per item in your store.   Then Each year you just pay the  $24 to keep your store. (You should be making so much money from your store that keeping it open wont even be an after thought)

How much do I get paid?
 -$1 per sale goes back to you so if  1,000,000 people visit your store this year and buy a product then you my friend have just become a millionaire.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea