New 3D Invention (Need Help)

Looking for: Designer, Marketer, Other
My father is an inventor and he have a new 3D invention to make us able to see 3D pictures without glasses and without all the disadvantages of the existing 3D TVs anyway I will show to anyone will help me some prototypes and he will understand the whole story just by sending him some papers to print them with a normal printer to build a 3D picture wihout Laser or any other thing it's so ship and without glasses as I've said , But now the problem is when we are making the prototypes we need some 3d scenes on 3dsmax to change them to a 3d picture we don't have a good computer so the produced picture will not have a high resolution because a picture with a high resolution it could take 20 hour with our computer (DELL | 2Go NVIDIA | 4Go RAM | and a good processor) and this is not enough , so I wish you help me to produce good prototypes by helping us at least with some 3d Models or 3d Scenes or by finding for us some investors to help us in financing this invention and thank you for reading (Sorry for my bad english)
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Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development