Need Passionate Innovative Developer(s) for "Drag/Drop-Click n Pay(e Comm) " Web Startup

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager, Other
An Idea/Actually launched as 1.0- Need what I stated in the above title for site 2.0 +.. This site will be in a sense Slightly Amazonish because your will be able to (via the site) purchase items from vendors/manufactures'(products/hardware). Website startup rooted in the 'DESIGN" space.  Looking for passionate self starter/innovative Thinker with 'before their time' thought ware internally.  Someone who can think out of the box when it comes to Coding/Developing. One(s) who have a great understanding of various platforms. PHP,.Net, JAVA, etc etc.... Mindful of Hosting and space maybe needed for such. One who has their own network of others who can be resourceful.  NEED PEOPLE WHO ONCE THEY GRASP THE IDEA AND HAVE THE VISION TO SEE THE VISION THEMSELVES>>>BE ABLE TO 'CLAIM IT AS THEIR BABY' AS WELL... Who aren't just thinking competition. But mainly INNOVATION and MONOPOLY..  THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT..SINCE TECH COMPANIES ARE VALUED FOR THE AMOUNT OF DOLLARS THEY CAN POTENTIALLY MAKE IN THE FUTURE..THIS STARTUP WILL BE AN OVERNIGHT(so it will seem) $100+ million dollar company.. for starters.  On a side note --looking for passionate developers/designer who love to read and see reading as leading... (ZERO TO ONE/PETER THEIL)  part time to full time.. looking for passionate developers who love to read and see reading as leading...

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