Need launching help for

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person

GoStyling is a complete free online booking system which also helps salons to get new customers and make it easy for the customers to locate the salon.
Look here:

GoStyling can also be used for providers that want to offer their services at customers home.
There is a lot of skilled person that can perform beautyservice in their own home.

Its also a new way for freelancers that do not have their own shop to make money. Look here:

GoSTyling is transelated to 17 lanuages, and insert a new lanuage is easy. There is a lot of country that does not have a good bookingsystem up and running. GoStyling is also the only bookingsystem that covers all. (Online booking and management for salons, freelancers that offer home call, Video lession )

We can discuss the best way. But I think a great way is to is to enter into a partnership with a beauty magazine, organization or influencers that can reach many freelances and salons.

So your job is to get in touch with these.

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