Need a team for Original British Made clothing design company B2B THEN B2C.

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
My business has recently seen its first customers. I have a brand and designs for a company which will sell mainly t-shirts and other clothing to retailers. The revenue generated from this will be used in early stages to develop an online platform for B2C sales. The business will profit from the difference between wholesale/drop-shippers pricing and retailers purchasing the products. In 5 years time I plan to have a revenue over £7.5million. Also high street locations maybe be possible. The business is scalable to an international level. The distinguishing factor is that it will be designer and online and will focus on menswear as this is a high growth market- though unisex is possible. It will be exclusively made in the UK. Designers will eventually be able to sell under the brand.

To start with: e.g cost per item (order of 100): £6.50 we sell per item to retailer at : £13.00 they sell RRP £26.00 = £6.50 x 100 = £650.

Selling to retailers will help with marketing for free and generate revenue to upgrade the site currently @

We then can sell on Amazon and other places with our B2B AND B2C in the first years via drop shipping.

Additional Info