Need a partner for online T-shirt store

Looking for: Marketer

I'm a t-shirt designer who needs a business partner (must reside in USA) to help me run an online T-shirt store or multiple stores. I have a great experience in designing t-shirts and creating/running an online store including template customization etc.
In other words, I can take care of designing a product and building a store and I need a partner primarily for this:
- taking care of payments with your or your business's paypal and merchant account - I recently moved from US to Europe and I can't handle payments with my paypal anymore (I don't require access to any account of yours, you will have the full control of it)
- getting the traffic to the store with promotion on social networks or other sources - I have a few ideas on how to promote it, but I've never done a complete SEO and marketing strategy
Basically, a partner would have no more than 1-2 hours of work daily. All costs like fees, taxes etc. as well as whatever partner wants to invest in promotion will be deducted from the profit BEFORE we split it up. Other arrangements are also possible, we can discuss this further.
T-shirt printing will be outsourced to print and fulfilment co. until we get to some reasonable quantities. The shopping platform will be Shopify (BTW: I've tried them all).

As you can see from my website , I've done all kinds of designs, but I'm mostly interested in selling women's designs as I have some insight in what's popular nowadays.
I used to design and print T-shirts for selling on Ebay, Etsy. Nowadays, some of my designs are being sold on Zulily and Amazon through a third party. I now want to create my own store and I'm lacking experience in getting a traffic and can't handle the payments.

Thanks for your time!

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