Need a Developer for industry changing enterprise cyber security software

Looking for: Developer
I (still) work in corporate cyber security. I have an idea for a cyber security software that fills the gap that all the consultants say 'there simply is no solution for.' 

Anti-virus software scans your computers to find malicious bugs. But most security breaches occur from vulnerable, innocent everyday software. My idea is an asset/patch management software, that lets an IT team scan the company's network to list all assets/computers, and scan those computers from for a comprehensive list of all programs installed and their version numbers.

The online platform, which we will host in the cloud, will provide a customer with a list of all potentially vulnerable assets, that are identified by comparing version numbers of potentially vulnerable software (ie. Adobe reader, XYZ software) with what our industry secret engine will deem vulnerable.

The intellectual property is the engine of vulnerable software information which is sourced in-house, and updated from multiple online resources, open source vulnerability databases, government and others. The online platform will then report the potential risks to the IT team that can mitigate the risk by pushing patches manually where necessary. No need for $100,000+ anti-virus software.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea