MyReviews - Get better reviews for your Hotel

Looking for: Biz developer, Product manager, Other

Unike any other review app, MyReviews offers the choice of negative reviews to be removed from Hotel profies. Hotels have enjoyed being reviewed by apps with mostly good comments from their guests. But just one or two negative reviews can tarnish their image. And now Hotels around the world are looking for an app that would solve this problem.   

The IDEA - How does it work?

Simple, an unsatisfied guest with a negative review is offered a freebie by the Manager via "MyReviews gift". The guest is happy and deletes the review and posts a good review (optional). Guests with good reviews  recieves offers for their next booking with the Hotel. This gives the Hotel a chance to redeem the situation and gain business.

MyReview app will offer both Hotels and Guests a centralized interactive app to review, to redeem, to value and book ( integration). Plus lots of social media integration.

Cash Flow - Run a free trial and register as many guests checking out from Hotels to build on the customer base. Hotels need these customers and pay MyReviews (Monthly Fee TBD) to setup an account.

This project is in its wireframe phase, UI is simple but functionality to the core is well developed. I am the sole developer behind this idea and I am looking to join a investor / business owner / Product Manager who can take this app to its Peak.

You could be looking at the next big thing in the Hospitaility Industry.   

Additional Info