Multilingual CMS website for Localised Immigrant Communities

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
Immigrant communities suffer from a lack of organised information and therefore struggle in most aspects of life in a foreign country. This often creates a sense of learned helplessness and makes matters worse for immigrants and the cities, countries that try to look after them. All immigrants share similar needs within a community and face similar struggles. In that sense, one persons information could be useful to many. 'Hosts' cope very badly with dealing with the needs of immigrants and therefore immigrants should be given the tools by which they can help themselves - sharing lifts, looking for work, meeting for food, organising for business, socialising. I want to make a multilingual - front end and backend - website that allows immigrants to empower themselves and for them to be better understood and engaged in the local community as opposed to what generally happens  - alike sticks with alike and is at the mercy of the state.

I want to build a pilot website with the help of immigrants in the area where I live and then try to sell the concept to local governments as an add-on to existing information sites. Alternatively bid for grant money from organisations with concerns in this area.

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