MotionQ - Browse Parallel

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer
I can make browsing on your smartphone an immensely better experience. Imagine surfing two content channels at the same time!  Or how about viewing YouTube and Vimeo videos simultaneously for visual comparison?  MotionQ is the first "Browse Parallel" experience - You can see more in less time and this gives me the ability to capture more transactions (click-through rates, ad views, impulse purchases, session lenghts).  Put another way if mobile shopping is projected at $20 billion 2015 and MQ increases impulse buying by only 10%, it will add $1 billion.  Desktop retail shopping stood at $160 billion 2014.

MotionQ is a true spatial browsing experience that is a paradigm shift over the current browsing state-of-the-art, both quantitatively (by a factor 100x) and qualitatively (the latter cannot be overlooked - Check out our liquid browsing experience). It solves the problem of browsing or navigating through huge data sets.
The browsing problem is a big problem known in the industry and it has yet to be solved.  The problem is exacerbated on small screen factors.
One can compare the browsing problem to the tablet problem - around for 30 years but Apple zeroed in on the right formula once the state-of-the-art in other technologies had sufficiently advanced.  

Have I found the right formula for browsing through large data sets?

iOS and Windows Desktop demos available. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development