Moments is the simplest and most frictionless way to share a moment with the people you care about.

Looking for: Developer
Why Moments
Moments is the next step in a social space that’s moving away from old web models (Friendster, Myspace, Facebook) to intimate and ephemeral interactions (SnapChat, Whatsapp): it’s the simplest and most frictionless way to quickly share a special moment with the people you care about.
Who we are looking for
Our team consists of a full-time IxD and UI designer with 5 years’ mobile design experience, and a full-time iOS developer with 4 years’ experience building iPhone apps. Both the back-end development and the UX design are about 25-30% done.
We are looking for a second iOS developer with particularly strong front-end skills, who will also be a co-founder in every respect. Since the clarity and performance of the UI will be key to the success of Moments, and since most standard iOS components would be suboptimal for the task (e.g. row selection in a long table view), the 2-3 screens that will make up the core of the app will use custom interactions. (The kind that made your jaw drop when Facebook Paper came out.)
If you like challenges and building great stuff, then we’re likely on the same page. Because of the tight deadline that we’ve set (submitting to Apple by end of November) we are ideally looking for somebody who will be able to work on Moments full-time. You should be able to communicate in a direct and straightforward manner, take part in product brainstorms, have insane attention to detail, and not be willing to work at an office for the rest of your life :) Bonus points if you can make sense of a Quartz composition, have played with the POP framework before and/or can speak GIF.
What we offer
You will become a co-founder owning 20 to 30% of the company in private equity, depending on your experience, level of commitment, odour, etc. We do not plan to raise investment capital until we can prove natural traction and organic growth, which we believe will be between January and February.
We are looking to complete the team by the 14th of September. If all of this sounds good, feel free to tell us a bit about yourself. No Dear Sir/Madam, CVs or cover letters. Just show us what you’ve built and tell us why you’ll be a good fit. We promise we won’t ask you to sign an NDA just to pitch you another SnapChat clone.
Recruiters: Thanks, but no thanks.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development