Mobile messenger for texting any driver just by knowing license plate nubmer

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Honkers is a mobile messenger that allows you to send text messages using your 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi to other drivers around you without knowing their mobile phone numbers.
To send a message to a driver you can "search users around me" and choose the car from the list of nearby drivers identifying them by LICENSE PLATE, CAR MAKE or CAR MODEL. Or you can just type their LICENSE PLATE NUMBER in the search field to find exactly the driver you need.
All messsages are FREE. The app is also FREE to download.
You will not be required to add you phone number upon registration. It's optional.
HONKERS is an international app. You can use it in any country of the world - assuming that your license plate number consists of Latin letters and numbers. 
Your account is private, but you can personalize your photo, the photo of your license plates number, the make and car model, and you status.
You will also be able to update your status anytime.
Other "Honkers" will be able to see it. For example you can put there "This car is for sale. Urgent!" or "Looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend!".
HONKERS is easy to use: there are 3 main screens. You can either swipe your finger left and right to switch between screens or use app buttons on each screen.
You can "block" other users in case someone's just being rude or spamming you.
Examples of EVERYDAY USE of "HONKERS":
- Warn a car owner who is not in the car that his/her car is about to be towed away
- Text a person you see in traffic
- Inform a car owner who is not in the car about your accidently scratching his car with yours
- Text a car owner if he/she is blocking you in parking lot
- If your car is stolen, you can update you status to "STOLEN CAR!" to let other drivers see you status and help the police.
- Inform a driver if his door is not properly closed or gas tank door is open
- Inform the driver if he/she forgot to turn off headlights after leaving the car at a parking lot.

HONKERS helps you be a more courteous driver on the road
These are just few examples of what HONKERS can help you with. It will have more functions with every following update.

The main purpose of HONKERS is to let you interact with other drivers, help each other, be more polite on the road, to help you avoid some problems that you may face on the road.

And remember: WE DON'T RECOMMEND YOU TO TEXT WHILE DRIVING, because you may become a threat to others around you!

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