mobile game with potential to go viral, tapping into the success of candy crush

Looking for: Designer, Developer
For months I've been reading about the success Candy Crush has made from a simple 3-way mechanic. Did you know they make $663,000 a day in in-game purchases. Yes I forced myself to play it too to see what the big deal was. It's so simple. Another interesting fact is that the average gamer today is a 36 year old house wife. Amazing!
From this I have drawn up wireframes and simple game mechanincs that incorporate the addictiveness of candy crush, but with a few more little addictive qualities. I'm not trying to replicate the candy crush game, I want to mirror the sucess through a simple free game with in-game purchases. I'm really excited about it and would love to give more detail on here, but as you know you need to find the right person for that.
I've also used tools available to me in my day job to research what people like, what attracts them to games. These tools will be used to push out the launch of the game.
The plan is to build a simple version 1 - then start reinvesting into the next versions. I want a kick ass developer thats fed up with the day to day grind and wants to put in a few months work with me and launch an addictive money making game.  I will go 50 50 with you. I hope this helps and attracts you to the plan

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea