Need an App Development Company partner!

Looking for: Designer, Developer
This is a company idea I have been working on and planning for some time. It involves a team of developers and designers that will make mobile apps for customers to their specifications. They tell us what they want their app to do, how it will do it .etc - Following some sort of basic algorithm a price for the app can be calculated, dependant on factors such as time, complexity and resources. We will also earn revenue from things such as update subscriptions (A monthly/tri-monthly/annually/other subscription in which we keep the company app updated).

As I currently have little start up funds - Just enough to have the basics such as website .etc each person in the team will earn a percentage share of the revenue gained from each app until it is stable for us to then move onto salary payments.

I'm really only searching for iOS Developers, Android Developers, and a UI designer with app experience.

Additional Info