MMD (airbnblike + disruptive features)

Looking for: Developer, Other

Recently I've posted   idea.

We are just in the beginning of our journey and accurately starting to form core team. CEO and CTO roles are assigned already. If you are passionate about sharing economy, airbnb like products and would like to contribute into development of disruptive product feel free to contact us.

Team Formation

  1. Currently to create MVP we are searching for 2 developers.
  2. We believe in force of crowd sourcing\crowd startuping so if you are are non-developer folk but would love to contribute into project development and product launch (now or at later stages) feel free to submit your CV\portfolio and EOI (what is your interest and what value could you bring with you).

Investors\Business Angels

Feel free to contact or put us on a wait list. Sooner or later we will come for you =)) At this stage we are not going to spend time on drafting of business plan, We have pitch, yes. If it is enough to start conversation we can give a try. One thing we are 100% sure. If the are successful with lunch of the product it will disrupt the market. Of course there will be a lot of challenges including regulatory but we hope we will handle it as we really would like to create product which people will like and it will change behavior patterns, give more freedom and flexibility in terms of their time&efforts&income&accommodation management.

Unfortunately, at this stage until we raise funds we can not afford any payment. Only equity might be considered. At this stage we can't disclose all disruptive elements of the product. Somehow it will compete with airbnb but will have another set up of accommodation/experience management and proposal. Thank you for your time and attention


Skype: Ilyas.mukharlyamov


NB: Plus of disruptive company – it can become pioneer in its market segment.
Minus  of disruptive company – everything might finish even not having started (market is not prepared to proposed solutions/changes; regulatory state bodies will adopt lobbied by “classical business” legal acts prohibiting disruptive tech solutions; office of the company will be devasted by meteor and other destiny pivots)

P.s. With all respect to your efforts we would like to ask you to contact us only in case of real interest and readiness to collaborate on aforementioned terms&conditions.
Companies, individuals offering charged services will be ignored and permanently blacklisted.

Thank you for your attention 

Good luck

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development