Milefo - goal based savings APP

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager

You have a financial goal but don't know how to reach it? 
Choose any financial goal based on how much you need and by when you want to have it – a new car, a rainy day fund, retirement, etc – and use a slider to select your preferred risk-to-reward ratio. Once you’ve put in all the relevant information, the app will withdraw a select amount of money from your bank account every month and put it towards that goal in the form of a personalized stock-bond mix. The app sports a simple UI to visualize your progress and even share it with friends.

We have won Tech-Hive Beijing and are fully invested. We are a spin-off of 长江商学院 (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business - and have a board of Advisors of many leading professors in Marketing and Finance in China. We focus on China's growing middle class market. The underlying of our product are RMB denominated ETFs. 

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