Micro-donations aggregator for e-commerce

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HelpingCents is the aggregator for micro donations on e-commerce platforms and online shops. Online shop customers round up invoice totals with one click and donate 100% to certified charity projects. HelpingCents ensures high emotional relevance by targeting charity projects via individual parameters (e. g. purchased articles, location). Donation experiences are shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Our mission is to bring micro donations to the online e-commerce world: Leveraging the power of consumers we transform electronic commerce into helping commerce. We link commercial growth with positive social impact.

As humans customers have the latent need to do good. Micro donations are well-established in the offline world. In e-commerce this huge potential is not yet leveraged. But the power of Billons of online purchases to generate donations and win new customers is huge. Customers expect added values, e-commerce merchants need to differentiate in a tough competition.

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