Marketing strategy web app for creative people (e.g. filmmakers, authors, games developers)

Looking for: Designer, Developer
Hunchproof is developing a web app to help people who make awesome creative products (like writers, filmmakers, musicians, games developers, artists) to promote their stuff to the people who want it most, by making marketing strategy an easy and intuitive process. 

Many tech tools have popped up to help people self publish, self distribute, crowd fund, self promote, and sell their stuff -  however nothing addresses how to create a good strategy or actionable plan that pulls everything else together and makes it work intelligently. Creative people often excel in their craft, but suck at the business side of things. Hunchproof is working to provide a solution for them.

Hunchproof is an early stage startup following Lean methodology, and going through the Founder Institute accelerator program. The concept has gone through 3 iterations, changing and refining based on ongoing customer interviews and market research, and I’m conducting further interviews prior to determining the feature set of the Minimum Viable Product (MPV). The first MPV will not necessarily include coding, it may involve paper prototyping, or face-to-face service, or nuts and bolts use of existing platforms - seeking cheap fast learning.

I would like to begin 'talking' to potential co-founders so we can get a good sense of compatibility. I am not in a hurry to get a Tech Co-Founder on immediately as I can continue to validate the concept as much as possible without coding -  equally the earlier that a partnership occurs the more that a Co-Founder can contribute to and influence the core concept - either way it begins by building relationships.

Are you an experienced Agile/Rails developer (or equivalent) with the desire to Found your own startup? Maybe you’re not quite ready to leave your steady job yet, but want to do it within the 3-6 months. You’re probably tossing some early concepts around, thinking about who would make a good hustling co-founder, and waiting for the right time to make your move...
I may be your other half. I’d like to meet you so we can see if we get along, if we have similar goals and interests, with a potential view for future partnership. 

Yeah I have an idea I’m working on (and am putting it through the Founder Institute accelerator right now), but in true Lean fashion I’m flexible and pragmatic – if we have a good match I don’t care whether it’s your idea, my idea, or a new idea we work on. Any idea is likely to change as we gain validated learning through research, customer interviews, development, and testing – so commitment to the path forward is more important than commitment to the ‘idea’ as it currently exists.
My professional expertise is in marketing, particularly marketing communications, and the industry verticals I have experience and interest in include:  filmmaking, advertising, transmedia, games, publishing, education, psychology, and business management.

Your role: Tech Co-Founder (preferably Ruby on Rails hacker).
At this point the startup consists of You (Hacker), Me (Hustler), and to be hired interns – so you must be comfortable with rolling up your sleeves to get what needs doing done. You will need to be flexible, using lean & agile development, be a problem solver, and have appreciation of aesthetics and user experience design.

Desired Skills & Experience (or equivalent)
3+ years experience with the Ruby language and the Rails framework, proficiency with the entire Ruby on Rails stack
5+ years HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
Good communication skills
Great attention to detail
Resourceful & flexible
Agile & Lean
Problem solving, can-do attitude (JFDI)
Interested in the Creative Industries
Nice reasonable human being (no bullshit or mind games thanks).
We will both negotiate equity share based on our contributions and responsibilities as Co-Founders, and equity will have a buy-back clause to simulate vested equity with a four year cliff (so if either of us bails on the company say six months down the track those shares will be returned to the company without personal tax implications).

Additional Info